COMPEX was founded in Poland, in 1987. We manufacture cleaning and disinfecting agents for use in the following sectors of the food industry:

dairy – including milk manufacturers

brewing, juice, soft drink and mineral water manufacture

meat and fish processing

fruit and vegetable processing

grease industry

ice cream manufacture

baking and confectionery industry



swimming pools

cleaning companies

We manufacture cleaning and washing, cleaning and disinfecting and disinfecting products, divided into the following categories:

alkaline (chlorine and non-chlorine)

non-chlorine ammonium-based


acidic perchloric acid-based with active oxygen


as well as animal care products.

Intended use of our products:

cleaning and disinfecting machines, devices, milking machines, walls and floors and tankers

cleaning sanitation devices

cleaning smoking chambers and trolleys

hand disinfection

Scope of effects

removal of grease, proteins, burnt material

removal of scale deposits

removal of microbiological contamination, yeast and fungi

removal of discolorations in fruit and vegetable processing plants

We prepare Cleaning Manuals for our customers and train their employees in the correct use of our products.