ACTIVE – foam vehicle cleaner

The product is intended for cleaning vehicles. Apply in the form of active foam, coated on the cleaned surfaces using foaming devices. The product is a concentrate for preparing working solutions. The product includes biodegradable surfactants.

The product may be used regardless of water hardness (it does not leave white sediment).


Apply in the form of active foam created using foaming devices. Leave on the cleaned surface for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with water under pressure. When cleaning particularly grimy vehicles, use 5 to 10% solutions (1:20/10).

When cleaning slightly dirty vehicles, use 2 to 4% solutions (1:50/25).

The product may also be used for manual washing – 1% solution ( 1 : 100 ).

Clean vehicles using a sponge or a brush. Rinse thoroughly with water.

When cleaning hot surfaces, it’s recommended to moisten them with water first.

Do not leave the vehicle out in the sun when cleaning.

Do not let the product dry off on the cleaned surfaces.

Rinse with water using pressurised cleaning devices.

Technical data

Appearance – yellowish fluid.

Use-by date - 12 months.

Pack sizes: 
1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg
pH value: 
Alkaliczny (zasadowy)
Data sheet: