DEZO S - machine cleaning

A universal cleaning product for use in washers

Formula and properties

DEZO-S is an alkaline compound cleaning agent. Its cleaning action is based on specially selected alkalinity and complexing ingredients. It contains agents that prevent dishes from tarnishing. Particularly recommended for cleaning bar glassware, porcelain, beer glassware, decorative glass and alkaline-resistant plastics.

Very effective in cleaning pans, trays, forms and other equipment in bakeries and confectioneries.

DEZO-S is intended for use in kitchen and industrial washers.

The product is effective in dissolving grease, proteins, starch.

Can be used in soft and hard water.

Dosing – industrial washers

Use the product at a concentration of 2- 6 ml/l, depending on how dirty the dishes are.

Pack sizes: 
12 kg, 23 kg
pH value: 
Alkaliczny (zasadowy)