Formula and properties

Diseptol Pools is an acidic, liquid cleaning and disinfecting agent that contains non-organic acids and cationic substances that ensure the removal of scale and disinfection of cleaned surfaces. A high level of surface action enables the product to penetrate inside organic protein and grease deposits. The product is very effective at removing mineral calcium deposits and rust. The product gives gloss to stainless steel and does not stain.

Scope of antibacterial action

The product has antibacterial and fungicidal properties and destroys the following microorganisms:

gram-positive bacteria

gram-negative bacteria


mould fungi

Scope of application

Diseptol is intended for cleaning pool surfaces as an acidic, low-foam cleaning agent with disinfecting action.

Method of application

Cleaning and disinfecting (ceramic) swimming pool surfaces: use a working solution with a concentration of between 2% and 10% (dilute the concentrate in water at a ratio of 1:50 to 1:10), depending on how badly the surface is soiled.

Using warm water will increase the effectiveness of the product.

Do not allow the product to dry off on the cleaned surfaces. After washing rinse with water.

Technical data

Appearance – transparent, clear liquid

Use-by date - 12 months

Precautionary statements

1.   When working with the product, use rubber gloves and protective goggles.

2.   If the product is sprayed into the eyes or on the skin, rinse with copious amounts of running water


Pack sizes: 
6 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg
pH value: