DISEPTOL foaming

Formula and properties

Diseptol is an acidic, liquid cleaning and disinfecting agent that contains inorganic acid and foaming surfactants. A high level of surface action enables the product to penetrate inside organic protein and grease deposits. The product is very effective at removing mineral calcium deposits and rust. The product gives gloss to stainless steel.

The product may be used to clean stainless steel, aluminium, ceramics.

Scope of application

Diseptol is used as an acidic product for foam cleaning.

The product is intended for cleaning walls and floors in manufacturing shops, external surfaces of transport pipes, milk production devices, brewing equipment, external surfaces of tanks and bottling equipment, cooking pots, cabinet steamers, pate and meat molds.

Method of application

Use Diseptol as an acidic active foam produced by foam generators.

Use working solutions with a concentration of approx. 3% and temperature of 40oC in foam generators.

Diseptol may also be used for manual or immersion cleaning.

Technical data

Appearance – transparent, clear liquid

pH value (3%) – approx. 2

Use-by date - 12 months

Precautionary statements

1.  When working with the product, use rubber gloves and protective goggles.

2.  If the product is sprayed into the eyes or on the skin, rinse with copious amounts

Pack sizes: 
5,5 kg, 20 kg
pH value: