ATOS D - low foam

Formula and properties

The Atos D preparation is a chlorine-free, slightly basic cleaning and disinfecting agent.

The product is a low foam agent.  Its active ingredient is quaternary amine.

The product is easily rinsed. The preparation is very versatile due to the fact that it does not react with materials used to manufacture devices and machines. The product is a rust inhibitor.

The product is intended for cleaning and disinfecting milking machines, pipes, milk chillers, sluice gates with mats, devices and auxiliary equipment.

Scope of antibacterial action

The product has antibacterial and fungicidal properties and destroys the following microorganisms:

gram-positive bacteria

gram-negative bacteria


mould fungi


The product is effective in temperatures as low as 10°C.

Working solution concentration: 2.5%. Temperature of application: 40ºC. Time: 5-15 min.

After completing the cleaning operations, rinse with bacteriologically clean water.

When cleaning disinfectant mats, the time of application of a 2.5% working solution depend on the degree of soiling.

Technical data

-    Appearance - clear fluid

    pH value of 1% solution – approx. 8

-     Density in 20°C – 1.01 g/cm3

    Use-by date – 12 months

Precautionary statements

When cleaning manually, use rubber gloves.

Pack sizes: 
1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg
pH value: