A cleaning and glazing agent

Properties and scope of application

A ready-for-use, gel-based product. The product’s high density prevents it from running off the cleaned surfaces too quickly.  

RENOTON – GEL has a pleasant aroma.

The product is recommended for use in removing grease, scale and rust tarnish.

The product is very useful in keeping common areas in industrial plants and widely defined households clean.

The product is very easy to use and is sold in packaging with a specially prepared spout.

Intended use

Intended for use in cleaning and giving gloss to washrooms, washbasins, baths, shower cabins, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, bathroom and kitchen fittings.

Very effective at cleaning grout joints between ceramic tiles, cladding panels and headstones.

Method of application

Apply the liquid on the dirty surfaces. Time of action: approx. 2-5 minutes. When dealing with particularly dirty surfaces, allow the product to act longer or apply the product on the surface several times. After removing the dirt, rinse the cleaned surfaces with water


Pack sizes: 
750 g, 5,5 kg, 20 kg
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