FLOOR SI - mechanical floor cleaning agent

Slightly alkaline low-foaming preparation, used for mechanical cleaning of industrial floors (including rubber and lino).


The preparation has excellent cleaning and degreasing properties.

Intended for use in cleaning machines. Characterised by a low foam level.

Recommended for mechanical cleaning of production floors in the food industry, warehouses, shops, mechanical plants, swimming pool floors. Do not use on wooden floors, panelling, etc.

Method of application

Use the product in concentrations of 1%-3%, prepared from a concentrate. For extensive cleaning, use concentrations of 5% to 10%. Do not allow the solution to dry off on the cleaned surfaces.

Technical data

Appearance -  yellow fluid.

Use-by date - 12 months.


Pack sizes: 
5,5 kg, 24 kg,
pH value: 
Alkaliczny (zasadowy)
Data sheet: