Formula and properties

COMP SEPTO is an isopropyl alcohol-based disinfectant, containing chlorhexidine and ammonium compounds.

Scope of application

The product is used as a hand disinfectant.

The product is used undiluted.

Method of application:

Using a dispenser, put a single dose of COMP-SEPTO liquid on your washed hands, then spread the liquid all over your hands, including the spaces between your fingers, then let the liquid dry off (approx. 20 seconds) without rinsing it off

Technical data

Appearance - clear, transparent liquid

pH value – approx. 5.5 (the same as the pH value of the skin of the hands)

Use-by date - 12 months

Pack sizes: 
450 g, 4,5 kg, 20 kg
pH value: 
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