BICID - low foam

Formula and properties

Bicid is a liquid preparation manufactured using organic and non-organic acids and low-foam biodegradable surfactants. The product is a low-foam preparation that removes grease, scale and rust tarnish and gives gloss to cleaned surfaces.

Scope of application

BICID is recommended for cleaning closed systems, pipes, tanks, tanker trucks, ceramic tiles and for manual or mechanical washing of floors. Use working solutions in concentrations of 1.0% - 3.0%, in temperatures ranging from cold to 70°C. Time of contact between working solution and cleaned surfaces: approx. 15 minutes. In case of very severe soiling, increase the time of contact between the working solution and the cleaned surfaces. The product does not damage grout joints or tile glaze. Very effective in removing grease, dirt, scale and rust tarnish.

Technical data

Appearance – transparent, clear fluid

Use by - 12 months

Store in manufacturer’s packaging.

Precautionary statements

When working with the product, use rubber gloves and protective goggles

Pack sizes: 
5,5 kg, 25 kg
pH value: 
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