COMP K - feather cleaning liquid - concentrate

Formula and properties

Concentrated liquid with a neutral pH value. Contains surfactants with excellent grease emulsifying properties, very effective in removing any dirt, has good moistening properties and contains organic solvents that support washing processes. The product formula was chosen in order to ensure excellent feather cleaning properties. Has a deodorizing effect by removing bacteria habitats. Makes white colour even whiter.

Scope of application

Product intended for washing severely soiled goose feathers and down and duck feathers, with a high paraffin and grease content. Recommended washing temperature: 40 – 50°C.


Severely soiled feathers: use a working solution prepared using concentrated product, with a concentration of 4% to 6%, depending on the weight of the feathers.

Pack sizes: 
20, 60 kg
pH value: 
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