Alkaline cleaning and disinfectant agent

Formula and properties.

A gel-based, ready for use, with an active chlorine content. The product’s high density prevents it from flowing off the cleaned surfaces too quickly.

The product has an extended time of contact with soiled surfaces, making its cleaning action more effective.

The surfactants contained in the product are biodegradable.

Scope of antibacterial action

The product has antibacterial and fungicidal properties and destroys the following microorganisms:

gram-positive bacteria

gram-negative bacteria


mould fungi

Scope of application

The DEZO product is recommended for removing organic soiling, burnt materials and grease, as well as for disinfecting the cleaned surfaces. The product is very useful in keeping common areas in industrial plants and widely-defined households (bathrooms, washing facilities) clean. The product is easy to use and is sold in packaging with specially profiled spouts or in bulk,

Method of application

Apply the liquid on the dirty surfaces. Time required for action: approx. 2-5 minutes

When cleaning particularly dirty surfaces, allow the product to act for a longer time or apply it on the surface multiple times. After the dirt is removed, rinse the cleaned surfaces with water.

Technical data

Appearance – gel

Use-by date - 12 months.

Precautionary statements

If sprayed into the eyes or on the skin, rinse with running water.

Use rubber gloves.

Pack sizes: 
750 g, 5,5 kg, 20 kg
pH value: 
Alkaliczny (zasadowy)
Data sheet: