Formula and dosage

The product is a liquid with an acidic pH and is used for removing scale deposits. Its formula is based on mineral acids that dissolve scale. When using the product regularly in a circulation system, use a working solution with a concentration of 1% to 2%, made using the concentrate. Temperature of application: approx. 40oC, time: 10 – 30 minutes. When using the product for periodic cleaning (accumulated scale deposits), use a working solution with a concentration of 10% to 40%. Using the product at higher temperatures improves the speed and effectiveness of cleaning.       

Scope of application

Cleaning devices and dishes made of acid-resistant steel. Removing scale deposits from process lines, pasteurisers and other devices, e.g. evaporators, packaging washers, kitchen dishwashers.

The product is intended for use in food sector factories, including milk manufacturers, for acid washing of milking machines, piping systems and milk coolers.

Technical data

Appearance – clear to yellow liquid, with a characteristic aroma.

pH value - acidic.

Use-by date - 12 months.

Pour point:  -15oC.

Precautionary statements

When working with the product, use rubber gloves and protective goggles.

    Termin przydatnosci do użycia - 12 miesięcy.

    Temp. krzepnięcia :  -15oC.

Uwagi ostrzegawcze

Przy pracy używać rękawic gumowych i okularów ochronnych.

Pack sizes: 
1,2 kg, 2,4 kg, 6 kg, 25 kg
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