DEZO 1 - machine cleaning agent and disinfectant


Cleaning and disinfecting agent for use in washers

Formula and properties

Agent intended for professional use.

The product is intended for cleaning porcelain, glass, cutlery and stainless dishes in gastronomic and industrial washers fitted with a dosing system.

Very effective in cleaning pans, trays, forms and other devices used in bakeries and confectioneries.

DEZO-1 is an alkaline compound cleaning and disinfecting agent.

Its cleaning action is based on a specially selected alkalinity and complexing ingredients. Its active chlorine content ensures the disinfection of cleaned dishes, which is why the product is recommended for use on sites where microbiological purity is essential.

Very effective at removing starch, proteins and grease, even when in the form of dried out tarnish. Efficiently removes coffee and tea stains. Can be used in soft and hard water.

Has received a biocidal approval from the Ministry of Health.

Dosage – industrial washers

Use the products in concentrations of 2-8 ml/l, depending on how dirty the dishes are.

Pack sizes: 
12 kg, 23 kg
pH value: 
Alkaliczny (zasadowy)