Formula and properties

A ready for use cleaning agent, intended for spraying onto surfaces in the form of a mist from an atomiser. The product contains biodegradable surfactants. Very effective at removing grease and scale deposits, gives gloss to cleaned surfaces.

Scope of application

Renoton is recommended for use in removing dirt from shower cabins. Very effective in removing white tarnish from glazed surfaces of the cabin, as well as cleaning and giving gloss to fittings installed in the cabin. Recommended for cleaning and giving gloss to ceramic tiles.

Method of application

Spray the product onto the dirty surfaces. Clean using a sponge or rag. After removing the dirt, dry the cleaned surfaces with a rubber blade or rinse with water. Dry the remaining moisture with a rag to obtain the required gloss. Do not allow the product to dry off on the cleaned surfaces.

Technical data

Appearance – clear liquid

Use-by date - 12 months.

Precautionary statements

If sprayed into the eyes, rinse with running water.

Pack sizes: 
500g, 5 kg