ATOS - foaming (m)

Formula and properties

ATOS is a high-foaming, alkaline, multi-ingredient cleaning and disinfectant agent used for foam cleaning. Thanks to its active chlorine content, it is highly effective as a bactericide.

Very effective in cleaning grease, protein and blood.

Intended for cleaning and disinfecting walls and floors of manufacturing floors, table tops, external surfaces of machines and devices, crates, etc.

Method of application

The foaming ATOS product is used in the form of alkaline active foam obtained from foam generators. Use working solutions with a concentration of approx. 3% in temperatures of 40º C –50º C.

The foaming ATOS preparation may also be used for manual and immersion cleaning – working solutions with a concentration of 1-3%.

Scope of antibacterial action

The product has antibacterial and fungicidal properties and destroys the following microorganisms:

gram-positive bacteria

gram-negative bacteria


mould fungi

Technical data

    Appearance – greenish fluid.

    pH value (at 1%) – approx. 13

    Storage conditions: store in a temperature of 10º – 20ºC , protect from sunlight.

Precautionary statements

1.   When working with the product, use protective gloves and goggles

2.   If the product is sprayed into the eyes or on the skin, rinse with copious amounts of running water


Pack sizes: 
5,5 kg, 25 kg
pH value: 
Alkaliczny (zasadowy)
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