DEZO 1 - non foaming

The non-foaming DEZO-1 product is a compound cleaning and disinfecting agents. Its disinfecting agent is based on the active chlorine content in the product. Its cleaning action is based on a specially selected alkalinity and complexing ingredients

DEZO-1 may be used in cleaning and disinfecting processes in closed systems. It’s effective in dissolving remnants of hop resin, yeast sediments, dyes, tannins, grease and proteins.


cleaning and disinfecting dishes in industrial devices (e.g. washers)

cleaning and disinfecting pipes, tanks, heat exchangers, separators, baths, crates

in the brewing industry: cleaning and disinfecting beer tanks, tank fermenters, plate coolers, wort and beer pipes, fermentation tanks, fillers and crates.

spray cleaning and disinfection of floors and crates

Use the product in concentrations of 0.5% - 2.0% and temperatures of approx. 40° C , action time approx. 20 min.

Scope of antibacterial action

The product has antibacterial and fungicidal properties and destroys the following microorganisms:

gram-positive bacteria

gram-negative bacteria


mould fungi

Technical data

Appearance - fluid

pH value (1%) – approx. 12

Density (20° C) – approx. 1.25 g/cm3

Pack sizes: 
6 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg
pH value: 
Alkaliczny (zasadowy)
Data sheet: